Monday, June 10, 2013

Quabbin century

Dan and I had a great day out on bikes in beautiful country on an A+ weather day.  Not too chilly at the 8am start and not too hot when we climbed back to the parking lot 6 hours later.  The start was show and go so we weren't in any group and that remained throughout the day which was nice and peaceful.  We ate and drank tons of food and water along the route at the 3 supported rest stops.  Anyone who hasn't done this ride before (this was my first) should do it sometime.  I have the garmin file to share if you don't want to wait a year.  The course uses much of the road race loop which btw feels much hillier without being dragged along in a pack.  Overall the course had us do 7,592 feet of climbing!  After the ride Dan and I ate cookies, mozzarella sticks and pizza.  Thank you Dan for a great day!

submitted by Matt D.